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Max's Little Brother
That's Right, I Didn't Dumb It Down!

"Max's Little Brother" aims to be an enjoyable read for both adults and children. I hope you don't mind, but I didn't dumb it down!

Before writing this book I spent weeks ambling through the children's section of my local book store, comparing the new releases to the classic children's tales I grew up with. Have you ever read an original "Winnie The Pooh"?! Of course I wouldn't dare compare my little book to the excellent tales of A. A. Milne, not even for a second, but I noticed that older books often use far more expressive language. Why is this? Today, publishers will often demand that writers strip out any potentially confusing words - their focus is on maximising sales, not the enjoyment or development of your child.

Removing the bigger words would be easy for me to do, and I'm sure I would end up with a more 'marketable product', but I'm keen to introduce children to a richer, more vibrant and expressive vocabulary. I deliberately chose words such as 'scurried' and 'scrumptious' over 'ran' and 'tasty' and guess what, I don't mind if your child can only infer the meaning from the context of the verse, do you? After all, isn't that what engaging learning is all about?!

I set out to write a story that adults will enjoy reading (no matter how many times their child asks) and a book that doesn't treat children as if they are unable to comprehend new themes, words and emotions; I hope I have gone some way to achieving that.

Of course all of us adults must never stop learning either, so I encourage your feedback, both positive & negative so that I can learn what I did right and what I can do better - just send me your feedback using the 'contact' page.

Whether you are a child, or just a child at heart, I hope you enjoy the book :)

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