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Max's Little Brother
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About the book
sibling rivalry book for children
About the 'author'
Eric James lives in the south of England. One sunny afternoon he wrote a silly little rhyme about a boy called Max. "Writing silly rhymes is much more fun than my real job" he thought.

That evening he read the rhyme to his girlfriend who liked it so much she said "You should turn it in to a book", so he did!
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About the illustrator
One day Eric saw Minkee wandering
around the internet and said "Hello,
would you draw some pictures for me?"

Minkee said "Yes" and it turns out she was
very good at drawing indeed. Eric bought
Minkee some crayons and she drew all
the pictures that were in Eric's head. Minkee lives on the internet and you can find her here.

Max was a very happy little boy .... until his baby brother came along!
Will Max ever learn to love his little brother, or will he end up being eaten by the big scary monster who has a taste for human crumble?

"Max's Little Brother" is a self-published book and IS NOT DUMBED DOWN :)